Friday, September 23, 2011

The Management Team At KJ Innovations, Inc.

Nick was born in Baltimore, MD and graduated with a degree in Finance from Loyola University Maryland. With the turn in the economy around the time of graduation, Nick realized that working for a large corporate firm was not necessarily the safest option for him. Nick started as an intern working with the leading fiber optic provider in the Baltimore area as well as the largest provider in office supplies.  He quickly saw that his hard work and efforts were being rewarded. Shortly after graduation, Nick was given the opportunity to expand to the Boston area to work with a Fortune 100 client who was the number one telecommunications provider in the area. In Boston, Nick focused on developing his management and leadership skills to advance even further. 

In May 2011 Nick became an entrepreneur and expanded his office to Southern New Jersey. Nick has worked on multiple campaigns, with his current focus being in the growing energy consulting field. 

Currently, he is working with one of the largest energy providers in the region focusing on increasing market share for the client. The goals now are to provide opportunity to others around him and continue to expand into several new markets in the upcoming year.